GoldenFlies: a bioconvertor for green waste management
(contact: Prof. Laurent GENTZBITTEL,; in partnership with Golden Flies Genetics StartUp)

The Black Soldier Fly (Hermitia illucens) is a powerful and efficient bio-convertor of different types of organic waste. The conversion rate and large-scale efficiency can be greatly improved by quantitative and molecular genetics approaches as well as modern biological technologies, e.g., genome editing.

The main goal of this PhD project is to create and characterize a set of strains of Hermitia illucens strains whose larvae have specific properties to meet the demand of industrial growers.

The specific goals will be:

1. To isolate and create additional strains of Hermitia illucens starting from populations of diverse origins. To characterize the strains both genetically and phenotypically (protein composition, metabolites, growth parameters and feed conversion efficiency)

2. To identify the best combinations of parental strains to create 1st generation of hybrids

3. To identify the best combination for 2nd generation of cross breeding that provide optimum characteristics for subsequent process (rearing, proteins, fat, and special metabolites)

4. To perform genome edition for key traits related to bioconversion efficiency and maintenance of the strains and hybrids

Required skills: molecular biology (incl. cloning), genetic transformation, genetics, bioinformatics, knowledge of insect biology will be appreciated.

Deadline for application: April 15, 2024