Pea breeding for resistance to Aphanomyces euteiches, the causative pathogenic agent of root rot
(contact: Prof. C├ęcile BEN,, Industrial PhD under discussion)

Krasnodar Krai stands out as a major agricultural region of Russia, particularly for the cultivation of vegetables such as green peas. However, some fields show reduced productivity in pea cultivation, even with prolonged crop rotation cycles (5 years), which indicates a potential phytopathogenic infestation of the soil due to Aphanomyces euteiches. There is currently no treatment for this soil-borne pathogen, highlighting the need to develop genetic resistance.

The main objectives of this project include:

1. To identify the underlying causes of reduced productivity of green peas in infested fields.

2. To explore the genetic sources of resistance to the causative pathogen within a diverse collection of pea accessions.

3. To study the genetic mechanisms governing disease resistance at the whole genome level.

4. To formulate a breeding strategy to develop pea varieties resistant to the pathogen.

Required skills: Phytopathology, quantitative genetics, microbiology, molecular biology, basic skills in bioinformatics (BLAST, primer design) and knowledge of plant breeding.

Deadline for application: April 15, 2024