Envirotyping and Digitalization

This project will develop informational dashboards with insights from analytics regarding weather (past, current, and future), disease and pest potential, soil health, water quality and quantity, and crop suitability maps, etc.

Ready availability of a dashboard with analytics and insights from historical and projected data would be very useful for greater understanding of environmental challenges. Erratic weather, extreme events such as sever storms, drought, and changing insect behaviors due to weather are all environmental factors that potentially have large impacts on agribusinesses. However, utilizing data to help understand changes in environmental conditions can help farmers prepare for challenges and maximize on opportunities, while minimizing resources wastage. Data analytics can help producers observe the health of crops in near-real-time, provide predictive analytics of future yields, and help them make resource management decisions based on proven trends.

Better understanding of the environmental variables leads to increasing innovation and productivity. To increase both yield and profits, agro companies must leverage data and innovation to improve productivity. Based on the insights developed from the analytics, CAT will develop producer-friendly toolboxes to assist in decision-making regarding operations and opportunities to maximize resources. Examples include information such as

•what is the best variety of a crop for the region (future crop suitability)

•when, where and how to plant

•onset and end dates of freeze

•future cold hardiness zones

•growing degree days

•temperature, precipitation, wind, humidity, and other meteorological forecasts

among others.

Currently, no such comprehensive dashboard or toolbox is available for Russian conditions. Development of such a product for Russia would be beneficial for the agro industry as well as the federal and regional governments in enhanced planning of available resources.
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