Cooperation with Industry

AgroLab offers services for agricultural companies on a commercial basis. For example, we elaborate, propose and deploy molecular breeding strategies in plants and animals that can drive genetic gain in commercial breeding programs. We propose to develop projects aiming to develop markers for key traits of interest.
Our Focus
Our current competences:
Formats for cooperation:
▪ Plant breeding

▪ Animal breeding

▪ Big Data in Agriculture
▪ State-of-the-art methods in plant breeding, methods in experimental design

▪ State-of-the-art methods in animal breeding and evaluation of genetic merit

▪ Genotyping, NGS and bioinformatics

▪ Quantitative genetics and statistical modeling

▪ Omics technology (transcriptome, metabolome, lipidome, etc.)

▪ Molecular phenotyping (expert level for mass spectrometry)

▪ Development of industrial protocols for marker assisted selection and genomic selection

▪ Digitalization and HQ HT phenotyping

▪ Access to advanced bioimaging platforms

▪ Plant cultivation facilities
▪ Custom research in the field of marker and genomic breeding for plants and animals

▪ Scientific support for breeding programs

▪ Laboratory services

▪ Cross-industry research
▪ Audit of breeding programs – search for technological growth points (identification of technological bottlenecks) depending on breeding goals

▪ Mentoring and participation in implementation of new breeding programs

▪ Analysis of global scientific literature on selected topics

International cooperation
▪ Technology Transfer

▪ Access to leading experts from international scientific organizations
Organization of business-science consortia for joint research
▪ (including participation in government programs to support innovation-driven research in agriculture)
Joint laboratories
▪ Development of long-term joint research programs Skoltech-Industrial partner

▪ Building team of Russian and foreign scientists with experience in applied interdisciplinary tasks

▪ Access to Skoltech's unique equipment and computing infrastructure.

To discuss the details of work, technical specifications and conditions of cooperation, please contact: Prof Laurent Gentzbittel, Director of the Project center for Agrotechnologies, or Natalia Klimova, Deputy head for Administration,
The cost and terms depend on the volume and complexity of the task and are calculated individually for each customer.