Domestic breeding at the crossroads of time: classical approaches and the latest trends

On the 13th of February 2024 the director of the Agro Center, Professor Laurent Gentzbittel, along with the center’s Associate Professor Cecile Ben and Deputy Director for Administration Natalya Klimova, took part in the forum Domestic Breeding at the Crossroads of Times: Classical Approaches and Latest Trends, organized by the Russian Ministry of Agriculture. Professor Gentzbittel made a presentation titled “Implementing Data-Driven Genome-Based Breeding Programs: Opportunities and Challenges,” highlighting such questions as: What are the current opportunities for developing breeding programs in Russian companies and institutes? What are the new tools and skills required? How to implement efficient breeding programs that can drastically shorten development time of high-performance plant varieties that succeed in the market? Practical examples of technologies developed at the Agro Center to contribute to this effort were demonstrated. Here is the link to the Professor Gentzbittel’ s presentation VK.